TSİ Yapı Celeberating 15th Year !

With pride and joy, we announce that today marks the celebration of our 15th year in the construction industry. We are thrilled to commemorate 15 years of unwavering commitment to our projects, high-quality service, and ethical business practices that have rightfully earned us a significant place in the sector.

As we share this special moment with you, we believe it is time to communicate our achievements and milestones to the esteemed public. Throughout our 15-year journey in the construction sector, we have not only focused on our business but also strived to contribute value to our community and environment.

Together with the projects we have undertaken over the years, we have sustained steady growth, establishing strong bonds with our business partners, employees, and customers. We are excited to share the joy of our achievements and celebrate them together with you.

On this occasion, we extend our gratitude to all stakeholders who have contributed to our presence in the construction industry, including our business partners, employees, customers, and the esteemed public.

In the spirit of our celebrations, we invite you to join the events we have organized and hope to share this happy moment with you. We take pride in your witness to our 15 years in the construction sector and look forward to achieving many more successes together.

Best regards,

TSİ Yapı İnşaat Taah.Tic.A.Ş.