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Cookie Statement

Cookie Statement

TSI Yapı İnşaat Taahhüt Ticaret A.Ş. The statement regarding Cookies and Other Technologies, which are in the status of personal data, aims to explain the relevant technologies and remind you of your technical and legal rights, especially cookie management.

The statement you read is always the most up-to-date, although it may change from time to time. You can find the changes and the last update date at the end of the statement.

As TSI Yapı family, we would like to express first of all that the utmost care is given to your cookies, along with all your personal data. The Cookie Statement is a part of the personal data disclosure and privacy statement and should be evaluated together.


  1. What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. Thanks to cookies, your usage experience is improved for the following purposes (and similar):

  • Remembering your username and password to make the login process easier and faster on your future visits,
  • Remembering your language choice and other preferences,
  • To ensure that you receive all the requested information,
  • To provide a secure and reliable service for online transactions,
  • To track your reaction to ads, website or app content for analysis and how many times we send you the same ad,
  • To measure how many people use the site so that we can ensure that the site continues to work quickly and efficiently,
  • Helping us and others deliver communication and content that is relevant and responsive to your interests and location.

As you may have noticed, cookies aim to facilitate your internet browsing and usage experience rather than using your information.

If your device is not infected with malware, only the site that created them can read cookies. The site also determines how long the cookie will be stored.


  1. What are the Types of Cookies?

Numerous types of cookies can be mentioned. The main ones are as follows:

  • Essential Cookies. These are the cookies that are necessary for the operation of the site and enable the use of the services and features of the site. Disabling these cookies may render services and features unavailable.
  • Functional Cookies. Functional Cookies save your settings on the site, such as your language preference or the reservation information you previously used when booking a hotel. We also use Functional Cookies so that you can easily find them on your next visit.
  • Session Cookies and Persistent Cookies. Session cookies are only stored temporarily during a browsing session and are deleted from your device when you close the browser. Session cookies are used to support the functions of the site and to understand how you use the site, to determine the pages you visit, the links you use and the time you spend on each page. Persistent cookies, on the other hand, are not deleted when you close your browser, they are stored on your device for a certain period of time or until you delete them. Each time you visit the site, the server issuing the cookie will recognize the persistent cookie stored on your device. Persistent cookies can be used by the site or third parties to store your preferences so that they are ready on your next visit, in order to more accurately record how often you visit the site, how often you come back, how your use of the site may change over time, and the effectiveness of advertising efforts.
  • Advertising, Analytics and Social Plug-in Cookies: Allow us and other advertisers to show you the products, offers and advertisements that will be of greatest interest to you through the Site and third party sites, or via email or other messaging platforms. For example; Some Advertising Cookies help our service providers and other advertisers select ads based on your interests, including those expressed and inferred by visits to our websites or apps or other websites, online services and apps over time. Others help prevent you from encountering the same ad over and over. Such Cookies also help us provide content on the Site that is tailored to your interests and needs. Social plug-in cookies are used to share the content on the site with members of social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram and with people who are not members of them. These cookies are usually set by the social network provider, which ensures that such sharing is seamless. Analytics cookies collect information about your use of the Site and allow us to improve the functioning of the Site. These cookies provide aggregated information that we use to monitor site performance, count visits to pages, detect technical errors, see how users access the site, and measure the effectiveness of advertisements (including emails sent).
  1. Are Cookies Used on This Site?

Yes, our site, like many other websites, uses “Cookies” or “Other Technologies” (such as “pixel tags”, “web beacons”, “emails, javascript, device IDs assigned by Google, Microsoft, Apple or similar technologies, ” blank GIFs”). Cookies and other technologies help us and third parties learn about your visits to the site, including by analyzing your visiting habits. We use this information to process your reservations or requests and to deliver online and mobile advertising, messaging and content tailored to your interests for us and others. In a short summary, various cookies included in the cookie statement are used within the written purposes.

  1. Do Cookies Have a Legal Basis?

Yes, mandatory cookies, in the law of personal data (KVKK) pursuant to the condition of “Processing the personal data of the parties to the contract is necessary, provided that it is directly related to the establishment or performance of a contract”, the other cookies mentioned in the scope of the 5 It can be processed in accordance with the condition “. In any case, all sensitivity is shown to the extent that technologies allow, for the use of your processed data in a simple, purposeful and proportionate manner as possible.

  1. How can you manage your cookies?

Cookies make your internet experience easier. However, every browser allows a certain amount of cookie control. You can always control your cookies through your browser’s own settings.

In your Firefox browser, Options > Privacy and Security > Cookies and Site Management

In your Chrome browser, Settings > Privacy & Security > Site Settings

In your Edge browser, go to Settings > Privacy & Services or Site Permissions

In other browsers, you can make the necessary adjustments under similar headings.

You can also manage and clean cookies in browser add-ons through third-party software or directly with standalone applications. For this, you can easily find different cookie cleaning products by searching your search engine.

Please note that refusing cookies may cause some unexpected problems, and in this case, no responsibility is accepted for service disruption.

APPENDIX. TSI Yapı Cookies Statement Reviews

As noted above, we may change this statement from time to time.

No changes have been made to the statement yet.